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#RisingYouth Grants are currently closed

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Defining Black Futures and Excellence: A #RisingYouth Perspective

This event brought together Black-led organizations and Alumni from TakingITGlobal's #RisingYouth program to discuss the Black experience in Canada and covered a range of themes including:  Meaningful ways to engage the community, and perspectives from panelists on what black excellence means to them. The panel highlighted how to envision Black futures in Canada in support of showcasing how Black Canadians are contributing to their communities.


Length: 17 min

In this Youth in Action Interview, #RisingYouth Alumni Saif speaks with Cha Cha Yang, who founded Students for Herd Immunity, a student-led organization that works to build a life-long understanding of vaccines and increase health literacy through leveraging the benefits of peer-to-peer education. This is especially important considering that Vaccine hesitancy was named one of the greatest health threats by the WHO in 2019. // Dans cette interview de Jeune En Action, Saif, Alumni de #JeunesEnAction, s'entretient avec Cha Cha Yang, qui a fondé Students for Herd Immunity, une organisation dirigée par des étudiants qui s'efforce de faire comprendre les vaccins pour la vie et d'accroître les connaissances en matière de santé en tirant parti des avantages de l'éducation par les pairs. C'est d'autant plus important que l'hésitation à se faire vacciner a été désignée comme l'une des plus grandes menaces sanitaires par l'OMS en 2019.



Capturing Climate Change in Old Crow

Q&A’s with Vanessa OlivieroWhere are you from? What place do you currently call home and why?I am from a small community in the Yukon...

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#RisingYouth Partnership Series : Meet The Speakers!

#RisingYouth Partnership Series : Meet The Speakers!March 8th, 9th and 10thTo celebrate partners and organizations in the #RisingYouth...

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Indigenous Legal Response To An Historic year

Q&A’s with Gavin WilkesWhere are you from? What place do you currently call home and why?I call two places home, one being Peace River...

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