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The #RisingYouth program is grateful for the hundreds of organizations from coast to coast to coast who have shared our grant opportunity with youth in their networks! Below you can learn about some of the Awareness and Impact partners that are supporting young people to complete their community projects. Do you work with an organization interested in supporting youth to participate? Fill out our Expression of Interest form and we'll get in touch to discuss a partnership!

Afghan Youth Engagement and Development Initiative (AYEDI)

AYEDI is a non-partisan organization that aims to build the social and personal development of Afghan-Canadian youth through civic engagement, community leadership, and mentorship opportunities.

Asian Community AIDS Services

A charitable community-based organization promoting health and well-being of members of the East and Southeast Asian communities in Toronto and Ontario. We provide sexual health and HIV/AIDS education, psycho-social support to LGBTQ+ youth and adults, and people living with HIV. We work in a holistic manner and under an anti-oppression, sex-positive framework.

BYTE: Empowering Youth

BYTE is a ‘by youth, for youth’ organization that focuses on empowering and promoting youth throughout the Yukon and Canada’s north. Their mission is to unlock potential through youth empowerment. BYTE's facilitation teams travel to communities throughout the Yukon and to some areas of Northern BC and NWT to deliver innovative and relevant programming. They also host events and workshops in Whitehorse that foster creativity, culture and sport. Everything BYTE does is aimed at helping youth develop confidence, skills, openness, and a sense of belonging.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of PEI
Prince Edward Island

BBBS creates individual and group mentoring relationships amongst adults and youth. BBBS' model revolves around mentorship - a two-way, learning and development partnership where the young person needs are centred. Because young people’s brains are still developing, mentoring can support that process through back-and-forth interaction like the volley in a good game of ping-pong. Mentoring is an important way to give youth experience with these essential back-and-forth relationships, developing them into healthy young people better able to deal with and overcome life’s adversities.

CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals (Project Alchemy)

The CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals is a charity dedicated to addressing economic and social barriers affecting black youth ages 14 and over. Our activities are focused on youth workforce development, education, and advocacy to influence systems and policy. We are committed to ensuring that we achieve our vision of a society and economy in which Black youth achieve economic stability and a stronger knowledge of themselves and their potential and contribute to building prosperous communities.

CNIB New Brunswick
New Brunswick

CNIB Foundation New Brunswick is driven to change what it is to be blind today. We deliver innovative programs and powerful advocacy that empower people impacted by blindness to live their dreams and tear down barriers to inclusion.

Camp Lift

CAMP LIFT is a non-profit organization whose mission is to contribute to the academic perseverance of youth attending high school by offering awareness and education activities on healthy lifestyles.

Centre Communautaire LGBTQ+ de Montreal

The Community center for gay and lesbians of Montreal is a non-profit organization which was established on August 17, 1988. The CCGLM acts to improve the well-being of people in our communities by promoting cooperation and seeking the support of the community and social development by individuals and organizations.

Chokecherry Studios

Chokecherry Studios is a youth-founded non-profit organization offering art-based programming and mentorship to young and emerging artists in inner-city Saskatoon on Treaty 6 Territory.

Citoyenneté jeunesse

Citoyenneté Jeunesse is a non-profit organization whose main mission is to coordinate its members in order to amplify the voice and opinions of youth aged 35 and under and to aspire them to their full representation in decision-making and power places. At all times, the organization acts in a cross-partisan manner and actively participates in education and citizen participation efforts according to the philosophy of youth-centered.

British Columbia

CityHive is a Metro Vancouver-based non-profit organization on a mission to transform the way that young people are engaged in civic processes: in city planning, decision-making processes and urban sustainability issues. As a youth-led and youth-run organization, we harness the energy, experiences, and perspectives of youth to create projects and solutions to make our cities more resilient, creative and sustainable. We work with civic institutions to transform the way that they engage youth to be more meaningful and inclusive.

Co-operative Enterprise Council of New Brunswick (CECNB)
New Brunswick

The Co-operative Enterprise Council is a community economic development organization working to build local inclusive economies and healthy communities through co-operative and social enterprise development.

Conseil Jeunesse Provincial (CJP)

As a spokesperson for French-speaking youth in Manitoba, the Conseil Jeunesse Provincial helps to develop among young people, by targeting those aged between 14 and 25, the ability and willingness to actively participate in its Francophonie.

Conseil jeunesse provincial de la Nouvelle-Écosse (CJPNE)
Nova Scotia

The Conseil jeunesse provincial de la Nouvelle-Écosse (CJP) is a non-profit organization managed BY and FOR Acadian and French-speaking youth aged 12 to 25 in Nova Scotia. The CJP has a dual mission: to represent and defend the interests of the French-speaking youth of Acadia in Nova Scotia and to provide Acadian and French-speaking youth in Nova Scotia with animation and a coaching in French allowing her to develop her linguistic and cultural pride so that she can exercise her full leadership in the communities.

Consolidated Credit Union (CCU) Youth Engagement Centre
Prince Edward Island

The Youth Engagement Centre (YEC) is a safe, supportive place where youth and their families can come to build healthy relationships, discover their hopes and dreams, learn valuable skills for life, and ultimately achieve their goals through structured preventative programming.

Dialogue Nouveau Brunswick
New Brunswick

Dialogue NB is a non-profit organization, led by a volunteer board of directors, with a mandate to help the Province of New Brunswick to be a more socially cohesive community. The organization develops programs and initiatives to help inspire communities and individuals to live together in greater harmony – respecting and celebrating all people as valued members of society.

Edmonton 2 Spirit Society (E2S)

E2S has existed since the 90s and has been reignited by younger generations of Two Spirits working with the original founders. They are an intergenerational organization that serves Two Spirit and Indigenous queer and trans people across sectors, their family members, the community members, and help establish opportunities for Two Spirits to hold community shaping power. This made them a natural fit for #RisingYouth grants, they used them to organize bi-weekly Two Spirit Socials. These served as sober gatherings for Two Spirts and their families to craft, dance, participate in ceremony, share meals, and build community through so many ways. Vision: Two Spirit peoples are recognized, respected and engaged in an integral manner, within Indigenous communities and society at large. Mission: To re-establish and enhance our traditional roles and responsibilities as Two Spirit people in Indigenous communities while creating supportive environments within all societies for contemporary Two Spirit peoples.

Every Canadian Counts

Every Canadian Counts is an advocacy coalition calling the Canadian government to work together to develop a national funding program to ensure essential disability supports are available to all Canadians living with chronic, long-term disabilities. The Coalition includes individuals living with disabilities, caregivers, advocates and support groups. They aim to inspire youth across Canada to learn more about the disability sector and the struggle people with disabilities face. By partnering with #RisingYouth, they want to encourage young people to explore the nuances and challenges imposed on folks with disabilities in their communities. By doing so, they feel that young Canadians would come to understand better the disability sector, it's significance and shortcomings. ECC asks youth to share their stories and contribute to a national dialogue with the general public. By doing so, not only will youth learn about disabilities, but persons living with disabilities are able to share their lived experiences and strengthen community.

Food For All NB
New Brunswick

Food For All exists for a New Brunswick that is informed, connected, and engaged in food security for all.

Fédération des étudiantes et étudiants du Campus universitaire de Moncton (FÉÉCUM)
New Brunswick

The Federation of Students of the Moncton University Campus, FÉÉCUM, is the organization that unites all students of the Université de Moncton campus, representing more than 3,700 members annually.

GRIS Acadie
New Brunswick

Le GRIS Acadie (Groupe de Recherche et d'Intervention Sociale) est un organisme communautaire sans but lucratif dont la mission générale est de favoriser une meilleure connaissance des réalités liées à la diversité sexuelle et de genre.

Imagine NB
New Brunswick

Imagine NB is an intensive, bilingual, intercultural leadership accelerator to support the ideas, talents and passions of immigrant youth. Over each year, Imagine NB delegates will participate in a blend of weekend retreats and virtual sessions that explore diverse topics and prominent economic and social sectors in the province. During these sessions, delegates gain leadership skills, learn about New Brunswick’s wealth of opportunities, explore new regions, and work as a team. The program also pairs delegates with a mentor from their community. At the end of the program, they will have created an individual community project and leadership portfolio.

Les Ballons Intensifs

The mission of Ballons intensifs is to contribute to the development of youth from disadvantaged backgrounds so that they become engaged citizens and agents for change for their community.

Let's Get Together

Let's Get Together is a non profit organization that creates opportunities for youth, parents and communities to access resources that provide educational assistance and supports student well-being. We strive to encourage healthy parent involvement and inspire youth in their learning while making learning equitable, accessible and adaptable.

Let's Sprout
Nova Scotia

Let's Sprout is proof that an idea, a conversation, or a friendship can spark a movement. We are a group of young women that wanted to create opportunities for youth to connect with themselves, and be emboldened to demand environmental and social justice in their communities.

Nunavut Basketball Association

Nunavut Basketball is an Non-Profit Organization. Our goal is to promote the sport of basketball for Nunavummiut of all ages across the Territory. We seek to develop our athletes skills on and off the basketball and have our athletes be lifelong leaders in their respective communities. Nunavut Basketball strives to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all it participants.

Ogo Tawa

Our company Ògo Tàwa Inc. helps gifted, underrepresented, underserved, and underemployed artists of African descent apply their artistic talents to enhance their financial security and provide better lives for themselves, their communities, and their families. We do this by packaging their creative talents for consumption by North American consumers, through music, theatre, film, visual art, and public art.

Ontario Council for International Cooperation (OCIC)

The Ontario Council for International Cooperation (OCIC) is an expanding community of Ontario-based international cooperation and global citizenship-focused organizations, institutions, and individual associate members committed to working for global social justice, human dignity and participation for all. OCIC encourages the development of the Ontario international development and global education sectors and sharing of resources between OCIC members by providing forums for networking, communications and collaborative reflection and action, and facilitating capacity building in public engagement and organizational development. OCIC is a learning organization with inclusive, cooperative and participatory processes that are accessible and accountable to all members.


PAVED Arts came into official existence on March 31, 2003 with the legal amalgamation of The Photographers Gallery (TPG) and Video Vérité (VV), the former a photography resource and exhibition centre, the latter a media access centre. This union joined two organizations with a combined history of over 40 years and the new centre continues to build upon groundwork laid separately and jointly by them, uniting dedicated presentation space with media production facilities as well as independent and collaborative program initiatives.

POSSE Project
Nova Scotia

Peer Outreach Support Services & Education (POSSE) Project is a youth driven, leadership development, harm reduction, and human rights program for youth ages 15-30. POSSE operates in the communities of Sipekne'katik First Nation, Sackville and West Hants, Nova Scotia.

Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife
Northwest Territories

Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife (formerly known as It Gets Better Yellowknife) is an outreach organization supporting queer youth and their allies in Yellowknife. RCY strives to make Yellowknife a safer, more open and more knowledgeable place for all queer and allied youth.

Rexdale Youth Mentorship

Rexdale Youth Mentorship (RXYM) is a Black-led Grassroot Organization. Our vision is to address the systemic and structural barriers plaguing black youth and youth from low-income communities by providing them with equitable life opportunities, ages 13 and up. We are committed to creating safe spaces for racialized youth to provide them with tangible personal and professional tools to positively support their development into young adulthood. Our services include: Mentorship, Interactive Workshops, Homework and Book Club, Community Events and Donations, Organizational and Professional Consultations.

River of Pride (Rivière de la Fierté)
New Brunswick

River of Pride is a non-profit organization for and by LGBTQ+ people based in Moncton, New-Brunswick, Canada. The spaces provide safety for all genders and sexualities and specialize in equity, social change, intersectionality, justice and interdependence.

Say ça( Cercle De Soutien Aux Refugies)

Say ça! is a charitable organization aiming to support young refugees and newcomers in their adaptation to their new environment and to help them become active members in their community. The association helps young refugees and immigrants in their school path by offering them a free and individualized weekly tutoring and mentoring service and monthly cultural activities.

Selkirk Friendship Centre

The Selkirk Friendship Centre is a community based non-profit organization with the mission of assisting Indigenous people in adjusting to urban society, within the City of Selkirk, Manitoba, RM of St. Andrews and RM of St. Clements. The Centre is the primary organization serving the Indigenous population within the area. Established in 1968 it began with the goal of securing equality of rights for all people, and has continued to serve in manners that adjust and adapt to the changing needs of our urban Indigenous population. The Selkirk Friendship Centre is well known for its ability to provide a stable and consistent form of service.

Society for Enterprise Education and Development (SEED NS)
Nova Scotia

The Society for Enterprise Education and Development (SEED) delivers the Youth Employability Program(YEP) to support youth connected to the Department of Community Services in order to support them in connecting with employment, education and training opportunities. Using a strength based, asset based approach, SEED supports youth to explore and create opportunities so they can achieve whatever goals are important to them.

Sunshine House

Sunshine House is a community drop-in and resource centre focusing on harm reduction and social inclusion. We work to provide programming that fulfills people’s social, community, and recreational needs. Participants can come as they are, and are not expected to be “clean” or sober.

Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre

Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre is an autonomous, vibrant cultural agency that involves and serves the Indigenous community with confidence for and commitment to their well-being.

Trinity Historical Society
Newfoundland and Labrador

The Trinity Historical Society Archives collects and preserves records and manuscripts of enduring value, relating to the history of the town and citizens of Trinity and of the Trinity area.

Truly Alive Youth and Family Foundation (TAYFFI)

The Truly Alive Youth and Family Foundation Inc [TAYFFI] is a Saskatoon-based non-profit organization that provides support services for youth and families, especially members of vulnerable populations, in order that they become engaged and contributing members of their respective communities.

Undercurrent Youth Centre
Nova Scotia

Undercurrent Youth Centres provide safe space, art and recreation programs, a family atmosphere, and meals for hundreds of children and youth. We believe in giving every child / youth the opportunities they need to succeed.

University of Alberta Indigenous Law Students Association (ILSA)

The Indigenous Law Students' Association is a student group within the Faculty of Law that is devoted to raising awareness of current Indigenous legal issues within Canada and internationally.

University of Manitoba - Community Engaged Learning

Community Engaged Learning (CEL) at the University of Manitoba, formerly known as Community Service Learning, is an innovative approach to education that integrates community service with activities designed to develop intercultural competence, critical thinking and reflection, and civic engagement. CEL aims to help students better understand their identity, power and privilege; the challenges and solutions in social, economic and environmental justice work; and their roles in social change.

Victoria Pride Society
British Columbia

Victoria Pride is a not-for-profit organization of volunteers that is dedicated to supporting Greater Victoria’s LGBTQ2+ communities. VPS creates opportunities for visibility, collaboration, ongoing conversations and celebration as we work towards equality for all people of diverse gender and sexual identities. We acknowledge the Victoria Pride Society is privileged to serve our community on the traditional lands of the Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples.

Youth Impact Jeunesse (YIJ)
New Brunswick

The purpose of Youth Impact is to provide quality care and guidance to youth between 10-24 years of age who have social, emotional, and behavioral problems. The goal is to help youth and their families change or eliminate the conditions that have acted as obstacles to their success.

Youth Leadership Society of British Columbia (YLSBC)
British Columbia

The Youth Leadership Society of British Columbia (YLSBC) aims to promote the education and development of leadership skills in youth through experiential learning. Their youth-driven programs are designed to foster good citizenship and build life skills. The YLSBC encourages youth to register and pursue the Duke of Edinburgh's Award program, conducts leadership camps and workshops to enhance leadership skills, runs public speaking coaching programs and public speaking contests among youth, and provides other programs and learning opportunities to further the leadership skills of youth.

iHuman Youth Society

We take statements like ‘youth-driven’ and ‘youth led’ to a new level. Our credibility to practice what we say enables us to authentically build trust with our demographic. We engage youth creatively using the arts as a positive engagement tool. Creative expression is embedded in all iHuman programming as a therapeutic medium to address trauma and wellbeing, foster connection to cultural identity, and create belonging and opportunities for skills development and therefore self-worth. We represent the work that we do using a ‘trust compass’ to denote the individualized journey that we enable for each young person.

Canada Service Corps National Coalition

We would also like to thank the Canada Service Corps National Coalition partners who have helped to promote #RisingYouth grants through their programming!

Historical Partners