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Research & Reports

The #RisingYouth program is pleased to share these resources with you as we aim to strengthen the field of youth-led community impact.

#RisingYouth Research Highlights on Lessons Learned from Participants

Emerging Themes Throughout COVID-19

We asked all of our 2020 grantees to reflect on these questions: What was your biggest success in your project? What lessons did you learn? This report analyzes over 2,200 responses to identify key themes, showcases COVID-19 response projects, collective outcomes, and shares appreciation for the role of our partners.

#RisingYouth Community Impact: Volume 1

This resource highlights sixty exciting examples of projects from across Canada, all making positive change in local communities through innovative youth-led solutions. Each of these community service projects is funded through a #RisingYouth microgrant, and tackles complex issues with creativity, courage, and wisdom.