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community service grants


subvention de service communautaire

Do you have a simple project idea to support your community?

TakingITGlobal (TIG) is looking for young people who are inspired with ideas and ready to take action through youth-led community service grants

  • Design

    your project

  • Apply

    for funding

  • Launch

    your project

  • Share

    the impact

We offer three levels of grants:

Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. You'll hear from us within 30 days of applying!


For simple ideas - like community events or gatherings - that can be implemented by you and your friends.


For bigger ideas that can be implemented with a small group of peers, such as building a community garden, or distributing care packages.


For projects that involve a larger group of people to drive impact. Projects at this level of funding need a budget and a mentor or community reference to apply.

Contact us

Need more help applying? Contact us at funding@takingitglobal.org or book a virtual meeting with our Grantee Support Team!